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Hello my name is Eric Meurer from Massillon Ohio . Let me talk about my experience in my life I went to college for special education and driving school bus, I tried a few different side hustles, but nothing really seemed to pan out. So I did what I thought I should do. I felt like I should try and sell paparazzi accessories. I started in 2019 before Covid hit. Then everything went down hill , then I stop selling it in 2021. When paparazzi give me opportunity . To sign back up in 2023. I love the jewelry because it make my customers feel so beautiful in it. Then the opportunity arose to join my and I never looked back. I am making way more than I was before and feeling so much better about myself, but not just because of the money. I get to share my knowledge with team members and I actually feel like I am making a difference in their lives. I finally feel like I am a part of something bigger and I love what I do.
Please Click this link to see the average earning for Paparazzi Consultants:  https://d9b54x484lq62.cloudfront.net/paparazzi/personal/resources/paparazzi-incomedisclosurestatementfinal.pdf
I make my own schedules, Travel and enjoy the freedom I have found. I'm so happy that i made the leap and Join Paparazzi. 
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Paparazzi Accessories is amazing company that releases new items 5 days a week M-F and once they are sold out, they may never return. I love specializing in new releases and vintage pieces that everyone want!
 Everything you see on the site is brand new, lead and Nickel compliant so it works well with most people who are allergic to jewelry or that have sensitive skin. It's high quality,trendy and current,gorgeous and just $5.00!!
                                 The Exclusive Zi Collection is $25.00 Each
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